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A movie poster 27x40" signed by filmmakers plus original soundtrack CD, signed DVD, children of the wind T-shirt, mention in end credits and on website as "supporter. A pair of Brand new Oakley sports sunglasses and invite to private rough cut screening in NY. Plus signed movie poster, children of the wind T-shirt, signed DVD, and special thanks in the end credits and on website. Brand new Hot Sails Maui sail will go to the first person to contribute in this category! All others will get min phone conversation with the filmmakers and lycra top from Bonaire Windsurf Place.

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Plus signed movie poster, invite to private rough cut screening in NY, signed DVD, and special thanks in the end credits and on website. VIP invite to world premiere in Bonaire. Sep 5, - Oct 15, 40 days. Share this project Done.

The Wind in the Willows

Tweet Share Email. Children of the Wind. Young children from the island of Bonaire journey from humble beginnings to international fame in the sport of windsurfing. Documentary in production.

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Seek Films. Last updated July 12, Share this project. New York, NY Documentary. Of course, very occasionally they behave like animals.

Children of the Wind

Mole, in the midst of thoroughly human spring-cleaning, briefly turns into a mole, scrabbling and scrooging his way to the surface; the aristocratic Otter, languidly enjoying a riverbank picnic which includes cold tongue, pickled gherkins and lemonade suddenly turns into an otter and swallows a passing mayfly. But for the most part, the book is about a group of well-off, leisured English gentlemen.

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Like all these books, The Wind in the Willows grew in the writing and ended up as something quite different from, and something much more complex than, a bedtime story. This is because and this also accounts for its relative lack of international success its landscapes and cultural references are deeply embedded in Edwardian England—whereas Alice moves in a detached world of fantasy, and the many period references in that book are hidden in the background.

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  • And he cheerfully parodies George Borrow, W. They often describe wind in terms of its speed as well as the direction in which it is blowing. In addition, scientists have what's called the Beaufort Scale which rates and describes wind speeds on a scale of zero to twelve. Zero is calm with barely any wind while twelve is hurricane force winds.

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    Also, some typical patterns of wind are named from the direction from which they blow. Therefore, an easterly blows from the east, a westerly from the west and so on. Understanding how winds are described by scientists will help you understand their patterns much better.

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    Did you know that when you look at the patterns of wind throughout the earth there is a definite pattern? The pattern is affected by the seasons as well as the earth's rotation and the geography of the land. It is a fairly consistent and predictable pattern.