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Red, Cherry Red Jackie Kay. Face to Face with Manatees Brian Skerry. Compare Prices. Fire and Ash Synopsis The world is too small for the living and the dead. If you loved this, you might like these More About Jonathan Maberry. More Books By Jonathan Maberry. Share this book. How To Draw Shylo! See how! Has the zombie plague mutated, or is there something far more sinister behind this new invasion of the living dead? Benny Imura and his friends have found the jet and Sanctuary—but neither is what they expected.

With Chong hovering between life and death, clinging to his humanity by a thread, Benny makes a startling discovery: A scientist may have discovered a cure for the zombie plague. Desperate to save Chong, Benny and his friends mount a search and rescue mission. The reapers are after the cure too, and they want to use it turn all the zombies into superfast shock troops—and wipe humanity off the face of the earth. This volume is a collection of short stories --some previously published but most are brand new!

And meet a brand new cast of characters! Read More Here Site design by John Langan. On top of that, the third book had quite a cliffhanger ending, what with Chong starting to turn into a zombie and all. After finishing this one, I'm mostly happy with the way the series ended. However, in general I felt like the third and fourth books were kind of repetitive of each other, and might have just been condensed into one book.

Fire and Ash Synopsis

I think there were a lot of redundant scenes, some unnecessary point of view shifts, etc. While there are exciting parts in books three and four, I think the story wandered a bit too much in both. But I did still really like some of the characters in this one. I've always especially liked Lilah and Chong, and their relationship is probably the most compelling thing about the series for me. In this book it was especially painful to see what Chong was going through, especially since he's such a sweetheart and is usually the comic relief and everything.

Lilah is just super awesome, and her dedication to Chong is so touching; it was heartbreaking to see her suffer so much over thinking Chong might die. If you've read my reviews of the other books in the series, I'll probably sound like a broken record now, but While neither of them is an awful character, I just never found anything super likeable or engaging about either of them.

In terms of their relationship, I felt it kind of just happened with little development in the first book and continued to frustrate me throughout the series. I know relationships aren't perfect and that couples argue in real life and all that, but They would claim over and over again that they liked each other, but honestly I never really understood what they saw in each other or why they were compatible. One thing that did make me happy, though: view spoiler [At least at the end, they admitted that maybe they'd "fallen in love too fast" and that they'd never really gotten a chance to know each other before they rushed into a relationship.

Props for that, because I don't think I've ever read a series where at the end, a couple just decides "Hey, maybe we kind of rushed things and we should start over. It's nice to see that change happen over the span of a few books. However, I also think the character development was kind of And by that I mean, I think we were told a little too often that the characters had changed.

For example: I'm not who I was, thought Benny as he fell into step behind Nix. This is who I am. I'm not Tom and I'm not little Benny anymore. I'm me. See, I don't think the reader needs to be told this. It's supposed to be shown through the characters' actions, through how their attitudes and decisions change throughout the story. That isn't to say that the character development in the series wasn't good.

Fire & Ash

All the characters did go through a lot, and they did change realistically, but I just wish we hadn't been told over and over again that the characters had developed when that was already pretty clear. I had kind of mixed feelings about the ending. As I said earlier, I was happy with the conclusion to the series. Maybe it's because the books are relatively long and the second half of the series dragged a bit, but the ending felt sort of rushed to me. I mean, of course I didn't want him to die, but I also didn't want the problem to be solved so easily.

I guess it was a tricky conflict to resolve, seeing as he would either have to die or there would have to be some kind of miraculous solution. So, oh well. At least I'm glad that he didn't die! I didn't really think that would happen, but I did still really miss him since he was pretty much my favorite character from the first two books.

The third and fourth books were not my favorite, but I still do think it was a solidly good series. Ah-hem, anyway. Sorry for all that. I'm just excited, is all. Looks intense. Man, I have to wait until September for like every book in every series. It's killing me. View all 21 comments.

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Now is the time when I wish I had a better gift of writing to express my thoughts on these books. I do not understand why they are not more popular than they are because yep I'm gonna say it. These are my new favorite series of all times. Next to Lonesome Dove. I am a stingy bitch when it comes to giving books five stars.

The book has to blow me out of the water. Guess what? This did it. Yes teenagers are out to save the world.

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Some of the better characters I've ever seen in books. Yo Now is the time when I wish I had a better gift of writing to express my thoughts on these books. You have: Benny Imura In the first book of this series I so wanted to smack the taste from his mouth. He was a whiny little turd. Over the series you see this boy grow up. He becomes a hero with a smart mouth and no fear. Facing the reaper group a group of religious nuts bent on killing off everyone "I know.

Red mouths, tongues cut out. What is it with you guys and threats? Lilah aka the Lost girl I think she has become my favorite female character ever. She is a survivor. Tell me if you think I care. Nix Riley Probably my least favorite of the group but I still love her so that is saying a ton. Chong A "town boy" who wasn't supposed to come along with the group. Every time I think the boy is going to get himself killed he pulls a fast one on me and not only pulls through.

He shines doing it. Rion She is the daughter of one of the cult leaders who left mom behind when she proved to be cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

This is one tough little redneck talking girl. So what do these teenagers do? They leave the safety of their town because they know that the town isn't going to last forever. That the zombies can't be all there is out there. Along the way the take down a place called Gameland. Where kids and adults are placed in pits and made to fight zoms for bets placed. They then come up against the Reapers. A religious group that belief the end is here. They think that their god has told them to cleanse the earth of all mankind. They are some scare turds. Throw in millions of zombie action and hold on for the ride.

These books do not leave you hanging with questions. The author does a n amazing job of telling this whole story in a way that you believe every second is happening. I'm gonna go fangirl for awhile now. View all 4 comments. Aug 28, Christina rated it it was amazing Shelves: zombies , 5-stars , young-adult. And this is how you end a series yes I'm talking to you Charlaine Harris. So, how shall I sum up the whole Benny Imura series? I'll let Maberry do that himself And as it turns out, this series may actually be longer than I thought You can read the series and decide for yourself.

The final book in the And this is how you end a series yes I'm talking to you Charlaine Harris. The final book in the Benny Imura series brings the final confrontation between Benny's people, the Reapers and of course, the zombies. Will the Children of Lazarus inherit the earth? The clouds will open and a rain of blood will pour down upon you. The coming storm will blow down the structures of your old world; it will seek out the blasphemers no matter where they hide.

It will cleanse the earth, and when it has passed there will be no proof that you- that any of you- ever even lived. As a military brat and spouse, this one hits close to home: And that sparked a memory of something Tom once told him, an old samurai maxim that describes the apparent contradiction of those who prepare for war but do not crave it. We stay together and we watch each other's backs. No one goes into the basement in a negligee to investigate a strange noise.

I don't know how many times I have screamed at the television, yelling at the dumb girl who refuses to take off her stiletto high heels as a monster or murderer is chasing her. And I love that the teenagers don't get it. Why would they? And the last thing I want to highlight- In a post-zombie-apocalyptic world, it makes sense that there would be a lot of profanity. However, since this series is a Young Adult series: Riot proved that her earlier demonstration of foul language had only been a warm-up.

She described an act so physically appalling and improbable that even Benny winced- and he appreciated this kind of thing. I'd include the iguana remark as well, but I want to leave something for you to discover for yourself. By the way, the Walking Dead reference was a nice touch. I highly recommend the series to adults and young adults alike. View 2 comments. One of the better books in the series so far. I really am enjoying this series and would, at least so far, recommend it to anyone. Shelves: asian-characters , chinese-characters , japanese-characters , horror , male-author , young-adult , favorite-series , zombies , male-protagonist , Some things bugged me and if I didn't love this series as a whole I'd probably dock another star.

This was a great ride though. I don't see how it's going to do me much good to believe that the world is over and this is just an epilogue. I think that the plot was intriguing but the pace dragged a little too much for my liking.

Benny Imura – A Kernel of Nonsense

I normally love big books but this one actually felt long if you get what I mean. I may be a little unfair in my criticism of this book though, in that I found myself comparing it slightly to the walking dead. The sheriff Rick Easter eggs in the series didn't really help to take away that comparison.

The "romance" in the story was irritating and I often wondered if I was reading a bad ass zombie novel or Twilight. The constant " I love you" " I hate you" over and over really tested my patience. I don't need romance in a novel to enjoy it and I feel like this book didn't need the romance aspect at all to make it a good novel. I felt like the "love story" actually took away from the overall quality of the book.

Rope Climbing

I did however love the ending. Benny's final monologue was insightful and wise and bittersweet, a perfect close. I did still have a lot of questions left at the end of the book, particularly pertaining to view spoiler [the zombie cure I think an immunization to the zombie plague rather than a " back from the dead miracle cure" would have been a more realistic road to go down.

Dec 03, Paige Bookdragon rated it it was amazing Shelves: adventure , tear-jerker , friendship , horror , humor , suspense , young-adult , best-series , favorite-author , favorites. This is it lovers. I'm a little sad when I finished this series. To be totally honest, even though Jonathan Maberry irked me a little because he killed Tom Imura, this series one of the good ones.

The type that you can't sleep because you just finished the book and you didn't buy the sequel so you're wondering and suffering what will happen next? This is it.

Fire & Ash: A Rot and Ruin Novel

The ending is okay I guess. I'm at peace with Benny and Nix's change of relationship and Chong and Lilah are two thumbs up for me. The last This is it lovers. The last two chapters are sort of a badass and Joe Ledger sigh is starting to become a favorite. The only exception would be Tom, and that is all I'm going to say on that one. These new zombies in this book are freakin scary! I mean if all of the zombies were like those I don't think there would be much left on the planet for them to eat! I was so happy that Joe played a big part in this book.

I have been wanting to get a hold of that series as well. I was about ready to blow up some peeps if they hurt Grimm!! There are many unexpected twists and turns in the book but I'm not giving out spoilers, just read it! Lilah is still bad as ever! She is my fav! Although, I'm starting to really like Riot too. She's one tough cookie. She has some sad stuff happen to her, but who don't in the zombie apocalypse! I loved the book and I have the next one on pre-order! Feb 28, Lazybee rated it really liked it. An epic conclusion to the much coveted Benny imura series.

The only star left is for Tom. There was action, adventure, romance, suspense, zombies, what more could you possibly want. If you want more then you are in the wrong place. Get out of YA category. And one more there is an epic friendzoning it's a suspense. Although not awesome as Tom, ledger fills the role neatly. As whole, the book was awesome. View 1 comment. Feb 25, Kat rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , zombie. It's quite rare that I binge read a series anymore - blogging tends to make it a bit too much of a balancing act, but once I had the momentum going, I really wanted to find out how this series ends.

As with the other books, Fire and Ash picks up pretty much immediately where the prior book left off. Benny, Lilah, Nix and their new friends, Riot, Eve and Joe, have found Sanctuary, where monks tend to the humans dying of diseases that would have been easily cured prior to first night, but the scientists are isolated from the survivors. This in itself poses an interesting question because more people are dying of disease than being bitten and rising from the dead - how quickly and severly would diseases such as TB, cholera and typhiod decimate survivors in any apocalyptic scenario once the stockpiled medicines and treatments run out?

I have mentioned previously that all the Benny Imura books follow a similar formula - what I didn't realise until reading Fire and Ash are that books one and two are closely linked, as are three and four - but the transition between books two and three is actually the biggest directional change in the whole series. This helps break up the feeling of rinse and repeat, and also allows more room to expand on the two major scenarios of this series.

The major introduction in Flesh and Bone is the religious zealots who believe that murder of the human race is the only answer to the zombie problem - and in Fire and Ash their intentions are really notched up a level - in both books I had a macabre fascination with them, but particularly in Fire and Ash I was shocked at the lengths they were willing to go to in the name of their cause. Relationships continue to develop and change as they did in Flesh and Bone, but in particular, Benny and Nix begin to reevaluate their relationships as adults rather than teenagers, and are incredibly mature and measured in their approach.

For me, this is the biggest arc in the growth of the characters - a theme that began with book one and ends perfectly in book four. Looking back and realising how the characters have grown, changed and adapted both physically and emotionally is bittersweet but also a great example of how Maberry can develop characters from immature teens into independent young adults. I was once again excited to see Joe Ledger reappear in Fire and Ash and take on a far more pivotal role.